5 make-up organizing hacks

If you love experimenting with your make up products but you also have a ton of products and tools, some of which you are using every single day and others that you don’t need it’s time to get organized! Whether you are a beauty junkie who is lucky enough to have an entire beauty room (lucky you!) or you are just want to save some space, these 5 makeup organizing solutions will change your whole beauty regimen:


Pencil Holders

When it comes to organizing your brushes, it can be as easy as finding a couple of pretty glass vases (or even your old pencil holders) that you can either leave them plain or decorate a bit. You can add as many as you need, so you will have everything arranged in order. The process itself is so easy, so you will be organized in no time!


Palette Rack

If you want to take you make up organization skills to next level, I am happy to inform you that someone had the smartest idea of all; to use a simple dish rack as an eyeshadow makeup rack. Many beauty gurus use this trick in their beauty room as many palettes come in all shapes and sizes and a palette rack lets you organize your palettes in a fun way. It is easy to slip all your palettes in there, as there are many slots and you’ll still be able to see everything clearly.


Magnetic Board

Getting a magnetic board is one of the smartest solutions because, apart from having all the things you need it is also really cool, as you’re making use of an unused wall space, and therefore leaving your drawers and counters free to be filled with all your other make up stuff. Creating a magnetic board is really creative and fun as there are so many ways to personalize it!


Beauty Box Drawer Units

If you like the DIY ideas you’ve seen on Pinterest, or you are just the type of person that wants everything to be clean and organised, then you can add an adorable little drawer unit to keep all your makeup tools and products well-ordered. It has room for everything! It’s perfect for brushes, eye shadows and it also has individual sections to hold lipsticks, pencils, mascara and even concealers.

There are many simplistic elegance beauty box drawer units you can find online. You will definitely find the ones that fit all your beauty products. So simple to find, yet so effective to use!


Nail Polish Rack

It is very important to see the colors on display, when it comes to nail polish so that you can just grab exactly what you need without too much annoying digging. So, building you own rack seems to be a simple job of paint and decoration. You will dree to mix and match as organizing all your products is the most effective option.


I have to admit, I hate re-organizing my stuff over and over again but thankfully, there are so many clever, inexpensive solutions you can find online.

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