7 Color Correctors That Will Make Your Skin Look Photoshopped

Have you come to find that no matter what foundation you use, it just isn’t doing the trick? You’re still able to see those blemishes, dark under eyes circles and red spots lurking underneath the thick layer of makeup. Stop wasting money, time and effort on products that were not made to do the trick. Instead, try one of one of these 7 best color correctors that will leave your skin looking photoshopped.

1 Best for Rosacea, Redness, and Blemishes

Do you struggle with blemishes, red undertones and spots, or Rosacea? If so, ACTI’MINE
Wake-Up Skin Make-Up Base may be your solution. This magnificent color corrector perfects complexion with its lightweight and long wearing formula. Its smooth texture glides effortlessly over skin and extends the wear of your favorite foundation. A light application of this corrector will take you a long way so start with a small amount as apply more as needed.


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2 Best for Undereye Circles on Medium to Fair Skin

The Smashbox Color Corrector is the perfect tool for erasing those dark undereye circles. This creamy corrector pairs perfectly with your favorite foundation and works to neutralize redness, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, sallowness, and uneven skin tones. Its blendable formula has great coverage and targets discoloration on all skin types.


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3 Best for Brightening Dark Areas

Do you suffer from dark spots that are in need of brightening? Give Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid in the color pink a try. The lightweight formula is perfect for brightening those dark spots, especially the circles that develop under the eyes. Clear up those imperfections and highlight your best features with this color corrector.


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4 Best at Multitasking

This unique color corrector features microalgae that treats and flawlessly covers uneven skin. Use ALGENIST REVEAL Concentrated Color Correcting Drops alone or add it to your skin care routine to balance your skins tone and texture texture leaving you with a smoother and more even complexion. The variety of colors available make this a true multitasking color corrector. Green neutralizes redness, Apricot corrects dark spots, Blue neutralizes sallow skin and finally, the pink color corrector brightens dull looking skin.


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5 Best for Dark Skin

The Black|Up Concealer Magic Quad color correcting palette leaves you with a flawless complexion. They are specially designed to match black and mixed skin tones. The creamy texture offers amazing coverage that doesn’t leave the skin looking oily or chunky. Blackup’s concealer palette was made with women of color in mind. While the four colors cover any potential flaws on the skin, the magical shade illuminates the darkest areas. This color corrector is good for covering under eye circles, dark spots, and scars.


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6 Best for Medium-Dark Skin Tones with Under Eye Circles

Becca Backlight Targeted Colour Corrector in Peach does wonders for those pesky under eye circles. This targeted color correcting concealer neutralizes discoloration and uneven skin tones. However, the Peach color is specifically formulated to disguise dark under eye circles and hyperpigmentation. This best selling product blurs imperfections and leaves your skin looking flawless.


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7 Best Bang for your Buck

Essence Colour Correcting Powder Beautiful Finish is the best over all color corrector you can get at an amazingly cheap price. The formula is designed to even out skin tone and absorbs excess oils from the face. This easy glide on powder neutralizes redness, and brightness dullness and leaves your skin with a natural looking glow.


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