Baby sleep tips: 5 quick things to try if your baby doesn’t sleep well.

Are you interested in learning some awesome baby sleep tips? You are in the right place! It is never too late to foster some sleep habits that can help both of you get some (much needed) rest. After much studying, I found – as a mom of 2 – some tips that can help your baby sleep well.

Put baby to nap or bed earlier

Early bedtime means more restful sleep! Just make sure that your child’s bedtime is biologically appropriate. Earlier sleep means longer sleep! You can adjust your baby’s bedtime routine by putting your baby to bed earlier by fifteen to thirty minutes every two or three nights. It is important to get quiet for 15 minutes prior to nap or bed. Also, pay attention to how easily your baby will fall asleep as well as his awakening time and mood to test the effectiveness of this new routine.

Make sure baby isn’t too hot or too cold

Not too hot and too cold is the right temperature for your baby’s room. Overheating may make your baby too sweaty to sleep, and it also increases the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). As for too-cold rooms, babies who get chilled easily, will likely wake up if hey feel uncomfortable. To find out if your baby has the proper body temperature put your hands to the back of his neck.

Feed lying down & Burp well

It is quite common for babies to fall asleep while bottle-feeding, as they often relax and tend to drift off.A message in your baby’s tummy until he burps is a traditional part of feeding. Try placing the baby high up on your shoulder (with a blanket or burp pad on your shoulder) so that your shoulder presses below his tiny ribcage, and gently pat his back. Burping a sleeping baby is not much different from burping a baby who is awake.

Open curtains wide during day

Baby’s sleep cycle has several purposes. For instance, the baby wakes from sleep and eats, then spends some time awake to play and goes back to sleep. Therefore, the baby will acquire the energy needed immediately after waking up, preventing the baby from associating food with sleep or using food as a sleep “routine”. My advice is to try to avoid feeding him right before sleep.

Create positive sleep associations

Babies love having a structured routine. Creating a consistent bedtime routine for your baby will make a difference in a very chaotic world. Create a relaxing pre-nap routine that works for you and your baby. A typical bedtime routine may include a bath, a relaxing massage, reading a story or singing a quick song. It is important that the baby sleeps in his own room, placed in his wearable blanket or swaddle, with the curtains closed. Having a consistent routine let the baby learn that sleep immediately follows these bedtime routines.

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