Top Cosmetic Brands

  1. Clinique- A part of the Estee Lauder Company, Clinique is known for its beautiful fragrances and its extensive research in skincare products. Clinique is highly recommended by dermatologists as the brand is known for its high efficacy. However, most of their products are expensive, but with quality come price.
  2. Avon- An American based company, Avon has its presence in over 140 countries. Avon is marketed by around 60 million women around the world and is known for being ethically strong. The company stands for its mission to spread happiness, awareness and optimism and is completely cruelty-free.
  3. L’Oreal- A Paris based company, L’Oreal has products ranging from over the counter shampoos to some of the most expensive lipsticks. This beauty giant was founded by Eugene Schueller. L’Oreal excels in hair and skincare products and is the official brand on some of the top salons around the world.Loreal-Makeup
  4. Neutrogena- With a $7 billion turnover, Neutrogena is known for producing some of the best quality, affordable skin care products. Their moisturizers and anti-aging creams do magic on the skin and are promoted by celebrities everywhere such as Vanessa Hudgens, Jennifer Garner and many more.
  5. Oriflame- Founded in 1967 by Jonas Jocknick and Robert Jocknick in Sweden, Oriflame is known for its highly efficient skincare products. Oriflame has its presence in over 60 countries and has a loyal customer base.  The company also has perfumes, cosmetics, and various  other products for wellness too.
  6. MAC- Everyone wants a MAC. This American cosmetic hero/giant was founded in 1984 and was at the top ever since. MAC is known for its wide range of tones, shades and colors in foundations, concealers, eye shadow palates, lipsticks, etc. MAC is also a favorite among celebrities and celebrity make-up artists. It is the go to brand in numerous fashion weeks and sponsors several pageants around the world.
  7. Maybelline- Founded in 1915, Maybelline is a part of L’Oreal. The brand has products ranging from skin care, mascaras, lipsticks, tinted creams, etc. Maybelline swears by being cruelty-free and the usage of advanced technology to make these products ensures that the products are of superior quality.Maybelline
  8. Revlon– One of the oldest US based cosmetic companies, Revlon can easily hold the crown for being the oldest and the most popular. The products from Revlon have a classic looks and give a rich-feel and are affordable. Their lipsticks are outstanding and the new-age lipstick brands can hold nothing against their line of classic lipsticks.
  9. Lancome- Highly popular for its magical Hypnose Volumizing Mascara, Lancome is a favourite among the fashionistas. This brand also excels in its line of Visionnaire skincare and is an absolute delight to the skin to use.


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