Travel Essentials: Best beauty products to use during the winter.

You have to admit it, traveling around the world is awesome but sometimes, your beauty routine suffers. The dry plain air, the food, the weird hours and tiredness can be pretty bad for your skin. Before packing your stuff and, it would be good for you if you read our 5 top picks for winter beauty essentials that will keep your skin (and your wallet) on point. No one wants to toss a super expensive moisturizing cream because it isn’t in the right size!


Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are the easiest beauty item to pack for amazing, hydrated skin during your winter excursions. They are simple to use, you don’t need to worry about packing, and you don’t carry them back home with you. You can even put your sheet mask on while still on the plane!


Face Mist

If at any point in your travels (plane/airport, etc.) you need a spa day in a bottle, reach for a hydrating facial mist. Try the Caudalie Beauty Elixir as it has more than 2k positive Sephora reviews and a few spritzes can put you in a relaxed state of mind!



If you are trying not to pack a lot of products, bringing a serum is the wisest thing to do. Try a serum by First Aid Beauty. It’s a water-based gel formula and it works really nice for normal, oily, sensitive and dry skin types. This gives your skin an invisible barrier of moisture, while minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.


CC Cream

It is important to take care of your skin while traveling but if you also want some coverage, opt for something, like a BB or CC cream. Or even better look for one that offers sun protection. Even if you’re going to be outside, cold doesn’t mean you aren’t at risk for sunburn and thus, skin damage. Find something that is all-in-one and will save you from packing many beauty products. suitable for all skin types because your skin’s condition may change while traveling.


Lip Oil

If you struggle with dry lips, you might want to continue your lip care while traveling. Opt for a lip oil that has vitamins, essential oils and create a barrier on the lips with advanced antiaging properties, making it more effective than traditional lip balms.

As you would be probably taking pictures with your loved one(s) and you probably want to look stylish and beautiful it is important to use the essential beauty products to keep your skin looking its best! Try to pick products that are easy to use as you usually can’t take your full-size products in your carry-on.


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